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Thursday, November 19th - Becoming More Kind

Let’s have some reflection time, ladies! Grab your favorite mug and make some coffee/tea. Sit in a relaxing spot and get your journal, a pen, and your Bible. First, read a story from the Bible where kindness was shown. Choose from the following passages or your own favorite Bible story. Write thoughts about what you learn about kindness.

- Jesus heals the Leper- Matthew 8:1-4

- Jesus eats with Zacchaeus- Luke 19:1-10

- The Good Samaritan- Luke 10:25-37

- The Woman at the Well- John 4:4-14

Next, write down times when God has shown you kindness. Maybe it was a financial situation, health issue, and/or dealing with employment. Pray over the instances you wrote down and thank God for His generous kindness.

Lastly, write down some names of people that you haven’t shown kindness to recently. Perhaps you haven’t shown kindness because you aren’t speaking right now or the person lives far away and life’s obligations have kept you very busy. Next to the names, write down a few ways you can show kindness going forward and pray over the names you wrote down.

Kindness challenge (pick one or both):

· Give compliments to three different strangers.

· Surprise someone you work with or a neighbor with coffee/tea.

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