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Thursday, November 5th - Becoming More Gracious

When you search for the definition of gracious, this is what you find: to be courteous, to be kind, pleasant, merciful, forgiving, and compassionate. Today as we look at becoming more gracious through the lens of the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude, we’d like to invite you to journey through a journaling experience with us. If you can, find a quiet spot and grab some paper and a pen. If a few quiet moments aren’t an option for you, try thinking through this exercise in the car on the way to start your day.

Write the following questions down in your journal. As you get to each question, ask God to reveal the answer to you, and ask Him to guide your thoughts to ways you can become more gracious.

Before we begin, pray this prayer out loud:

God, thank you for this day you’ve given me. May my spirit be in tune with yours, may my thoughts be your thoughts, and may your will for growth for me be displayed. Thank you for what you’re doing in my life to help me become more like you. Amen.

1. How can I be courteous to the people I encounter throughout my day?

2. How can I be kind to my family, friends and coworkers?

3. How can I be pleasant to someone who may cause me to feel inconvenienced today?

4. How can I be merciful to someone that typically causes my temper to be short?

5. Where can I offer forgiveness to someone who has hurt me in the past?

6. How can I be compassionate to someone on the street asking for help?

7. In what other ways are You leading me to become more gracious?

Once you’re done, pray this prayer:

God, forgive me when I fall short of being the gracious person You created me to be. May my relationship with You continue to grow so that others may see You in me. Amen.

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