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Thursday, October 14th - Becoming More Aware

Week Five, Day Four

While God knew we needed other people in our lives to provide a sense of community, He never intended for those people to take His place in our lives.

Read the story of Hannah and Eli live this out differently in 1 Samuel 1-2.

Hannah, after praying for years for a son, gave that very son over to God in a radical show of devotion. Eli, out of devotion to his sons instead of God, allowed them to go on abusing their authority and position in a way that caused harm to others and to God’s holy name. Hannah prioritized her relationship with God over her relationship with her precious son. Eli prioritized his relationship with his sons over his relationship with God.

Hannah honored the Lord in her relationship with her son while Eli did not.

As you reflect on your closest relationships, are you honoring God or despising Him?

Awareness Prayer – God, make me aware of where my devotion is divided.

Reflection Question – What is the danger of putting your relationship with people above your relationship with God?

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