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Thursday, October 21st - Becoming More Aware

Week Six, Day Four

The book of Haggai was written during a time when a remnant of the nation of Israel returned to Jerusalem after their exile to Babylon. They were allowed to begin rebuilding their homes, community, and temple, which had been destroyed and looted by the Babylonian invaders.

Read Haggai 1:1-15.

God’s question through Haggai was this, “Why do you seek your own happiness in building a temple for yourselves instead of finding joy and meaning dwelling with me?” The question causes us to evaluate our priorities and examine the objects of our worship. Are we worshipping the blessings or the Giver of the blessings?

While this question was intended to wake up the Israelites and make them aware of their priorities, the question still serves the same purpose as we think about our priorities today.

Awareness Prayer – God, I will prioritize building your temple as I grow in faith.

Reflection Question – How is God calling you to prioritize the building of His temple? What changes will need to take place?

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