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Tuesday, April 12th - Becoming More Virtuous

What are you worth? Several years ago Visa came out with a series of commercials advertising the price of different things people can buy with a Visa card, but at the end of each commercial, they list the price of the relational and experiential gain as “priceless.” I wonder if you feel “priceless” today?

We often rank our worth based on what we do. When we are doing the things God wants us to do we feel worthy. Similarly, when we stray and are not doing the things we think God wants us to do, we feel unworthy. When we read Proverbs 31 through the mindset of works = worth, we think, “Of course she is worth more than rubies! Look at all this woman does! She is working from sunup to sundown!

But note where this statement of worth falls in the passage – at the beginning, before any work has been mentioned. It’s not the tasks and the work that brings this woman her priceless worth, it’s her “noble character.” So, if a noble character is so valuable, how do we get that noble character if it’s not through works? Simply this: becoming more like Jesus for the sake of others. That is exactly what this woman spends her time doing. Character is built through the process of becoming more like Jesus. When you develop character that reflects Jesus, noble actions will follow. Focus on the character and the actions will come. Focus on the actions without the character and you will burnout trying to prove yourself.

What is one of the priceless character traits God is building in your life right now to help you become a woman of noble character?

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