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Tuesday, August 24th - Becoming More Patient

"But if we hope for what we don’t see, we wait for it with patience." -ROMANS 8:25

When a caterpillar forms a chrysalis or a cocoon it becomes immobile. It cannot move about as it did when it was a free caterpillar. It must go through a process that hinders so it's able to become a butterfly. Once it emerges from the chrysalis, it is able to fly and accomplish more than it ever could when it was a caterpillar. But to become a butterfly, it must go through a season of limitations, a process. If the process is circumvented, if someone or something opens the chrysalis prior to the process being complete, the caterpillar will die.

God works in the same way in our lives. He brings us through a process and often the change in our lives happens through the process and not in the results. We often want the results of deeper faith, more joy, greater peace, or a closeness with Christ, but we want to avoid the process. While going through the process will temporarily hinder progress, it will produce greater fruit once we go through it. If we work to circumvent the process, we rarely see the results.

Where are you today in the process? Are you a caterpillar, chrysalis, or a butterfly?

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