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Tuesday, December 15th - Becoming More Giving

Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice was giving himself to die for our sins. Our salvation rests completely on this selfless act. Jesus was a model giver, and that was evident in every action, decision, and word that he spoke.

If we are striving to become more like Jesus for the sake of others, then we certainly should desire to become more giving like Jesus for the sake of others. But what does that look like? Jesus gave:

- His time and attention to those overlooked by society.

- Miraculous healing to the sick.

- Knowledge and wisdom to his followers and kept his promise that they would be able to do all the things that he did one day.

- His royal rights up. Jesus was the Son of God, a position of royalty in the Father’s house. Yet, he submitted to his human form from birth to death, and never yielded to selfish ambition or his powers that could have saved him, even from death.

- Himself for our salvation.

Now we will never become exactly like Jesus, because sin exists in our world, but that doesn’t mean we get to stay the same. If we’re modeling how Jesus gave, then we would be a people that gave:

- Our time and attention to those overlooked by society

- Healing or anointing prayers for the sick

- Great effort in creating disciples in every aspect of our lives

- Grace, love and mercy to anyone and everyone – putting other’s needs above our own

- Our lifework for the sake of the Gospel

In your alone time with God today, meditate on the selfless acts of giving that Jesus modeled in his time here on earth. Write down a few ways in which you can become more giving like Jesus. Then read the following prayer aloud:

“Father God, thank you for revealing the ways in which I can become more like your son, Jesus Christ. I pray that my heart models the servant heart of Your son, and that my actions model the giving ways of Jesus. Amen.”

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