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Tuesday, December 22nd - Becoming More Amazed

Imagine what it was like when God made the first man! Out of the dust of the earth, from what we consider useless filth, He created something beautiful. Imagine the care He took as He formed every detail; telling every cell what to do and how to function for the health of the whole being. Imagine God cradling the limp, lifeless body of a man in His arms before the man was given breath.

In that moment, God knew the human He was holding would turn away from Him toward sin. With just one breath, God knew it would require the ultimate sacrifice of His Son to redeem the relationship man would break. He created man with the knowledge that one day His only Son would be born in a human body to save us from our own rebellion. The body He was creating would one day be used by His Son to restore what mankind would ruin.

God knew the cost when He created man. He knew the price His own Son would pay. And yet, as an expression of His infinitely great love, He went on to create the very creature who would need to be rescued. Consider the incarnation of Christ as you read and reflect on the following scriptures today. What comes to mind as you read? How does the incarnation of God in Jesus fill you with amazement?

- John 1:14

- 1 Timothy 3:16

- Galatians 4:4

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