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Tuesday, December 28th - Becoming More Refreshed

How’s your heart right now? That’s a question we ask ourselves a lot in this group. I’ll be honest though - I am guilty of not considering the full weight of that question sometimes. I’ll spend a few seconds thinking about it before I rattle off an, “I’m fine,” That’s it. Case closed friends! I am just “fine!”

The reality, however, is that sometimes we’re not fine, and if we don’t allow ourselves the space and time to investigate that with God, we could end up in a very dark place. Spending time with Him creates more awareness within us. I know I am in desperate need of a heart check when I start to allow negativity to lay deep, deep roots there. My warning signs usually take the form of shorter patience, a quicker tongue, and a weakening willingness to forgive. Whatever the reasoning behind it, I am clearly not fine in those moments!

Let’s not start off the new year with shielded hearts. Let’s give them openly to God, and allow Him to refresh us. Let’s ask for greater patience, slower tongues, and an increased willingness to forgive to take residence there instead. Pray this prayer today in your quiet time:

Father, search my heart and reveal all the things that are not of You. Give me awareness to see the warning signs of things taking residence in my heart that don’t belong there, and cleanse me with your grace and mercy. Amen.

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