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Tuesday, January 11th - Becoming More Passionate

In the image with this post, you’ll see three different scriptures. What do all of these scriptures have in common?

In Psalm 84:3, the author is crying out for God, expressing a longing to be in God’s presence. His heart and his flesh sing for joy to God as he overflows with love and adoration for God.

Deuteronomy 6:5 gives us a picture of how we are to live. We are to love the Lord with ALL of our hearts, our souls, and with all of our might. Everything within us should lead back to our heavenly father.

Romans 12:11 talks about zeal; a great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. Paul is telling us here we are never to be lacking in our enthusiasm and pursuit of loving and serving God. We are to keep our spiritual fervor, our passion, for God, always.

The scriptures today show us evidence of a life that’s filled with passion for God. What does your life say about your passion for God? If we were to put up an image of a “Passion for God” Scale, where would your marker be? If someone were to write a book about your passion for God just by looking at the way you live your life, what would be seen when the ink hit the pages?

Reflect on the scriptures and questions for today. We’d love to hear your thoughts and what God is revealing to you in the comments below.

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