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Tuesday, January 5th - Becoming More Bold

Have you ever prayed a bold prayer? I’m talking about the kind of prayer where you’re seeking immediate action or intervention from God - a prayer that is out of the box of your “normal” prayers, and sometimes generated during a time of crisis or great need. Have you prayed a prayer so bold, that your desperation finally allows yourself to ask God to do the impossible?

Not that long ago, I (Sara) didn’t utter bold prayers very often. To be brutally honest, BIG and BOLD prayers were just not yet a part of my daily prayer time. I would be quick to ask God to do bold things in a moment of crisis, but struggle with asking Him to do the impossible during the normal seasons of my life. At the time, however, I was being encouraged more and more by my spiritual mentors to pray bold prayers – all the time. Daily, like a 365 days of the year kind of thing. Seems easy enough to do right?

Ladies, I need to tell you that I STRUGGLED with that!!! Not only did I struggle with it, but I assumed a posture of unworthiness and guilt anytime I would tepidly ask God for a small miracle in my day to day life. I believed this lie that I was unworthy of asking God for big things in small moments, because my situation wasn’t desperate enough to petition God to do the impossible.

Friends, we don’t have to wait for the moments of crisis before we can pray boldly and ask God to intervene. We don’t have to wait to reach the end of ourselves before we can pray for a miracle. We don’t have to wait for a tough season to petition God. Our Father longs to meet with us wherever we are, and longs for us to tell Him our desires and struggles.

Does this mean we’ll get everything we ask God for? No. Will we feel a weight lifted when we truly turn over our worries to Him and pray for the impossible? Absolutely.

In your quiet time today, write down a list of 5 big and bold prayers. Really allow yourself to think big and surrender any of the burdens that you deem too heavy or too light for the Father to carry for you. Pray for miracles – no matter how big or mundane. Your Father is ready to listen to each one.

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