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Tuesday, March 15th - Becoming More Certain

“But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.” Psalm 9:18 (NIV)

“But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to you; you are the helper of the fatherless.” – Psalm 10:14 (NIV)

When we are needy, oppressed, and vulnerable, we often want to find certainty in our strength and ability to endure. Instead, what if we remembered who God is and pondered His character and nature? What if we remembered God’s promise to never forsake us, always be with us, and to comfort those in need? God sees you; He knows you and you can be certain He will bring justice to the earth.

How are you handling your needs in the face of injustice? What is your typical response?

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