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Tuesday, May 4th - Becoming More Trusting

Week Three, Day Two

Trust in the Waiting

Read Ruth 3:14-18.

Can you imagine how Ruth must have been feeling? She had just proposed to Boaz only to learn that even though Boaz wanted to marry her, she may have to marry another man. This other man had rights to her but hadn’t even come forward to provide care or help to them so far. Imagine the thoughts racing through Ruth’s head! Imagine the helplessness she must have felt in this moment! Imagine how it would have felt to have to wait on the final answer.

Do you struggle with waiting? If so, pray this prayer as a reminder to wait with expectation and surrender.

Prayer for Today: God, I know you are good, and your promises are true. I trust you in the waiting. I surrender myself to you and expectantly wait for your plan in my life.

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