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Tuesday, November 24th - Becoming More Thankful

Having a heart of thankfulness and gratitude is one of the many character traits of Jesus that we talk about in Christian culture, and it seems like a no-brainer thing to abide by. We give thanks before we have a meal, or we offer up high praise and thanks during Sunday mornings through worship or giving – it is intentionally built into our Sunday morning experiences. Yet sometimes, that is the first thing we lose sight of when we walk out of those doors on Sunday. We lose sight of what’s important and get distracted by what the world throws at us.

But having a heart of thankfulness can be transformative and goes beyond what we talk about on Sunday mornings. It’s an entire attitude and lifestyle adjustment. So what does a heart of thankfulness look like?

- It is selfless

- Humble

- Free of complaint

- Relinquishes control

- It rejoices in suffering

- Remembers previous blessings

- Shares blessings with others

Now let’s flip that and look at what a heart of thankfulness doesn’t look like:

- It is selfish

- Proud

- Complainer

- Tries to maintain control instead of relying on God

- Curses God for their sufferings

- Does not reflect on previous blessings

- Clings to their blessings, and does not share them

As you read these traits, do any of them describe your heart? Either good or bad? Read Colossians 2:6-7 and reflect on His word. Ask God to reveal the areas of your life where you aren’t overflowing with thanksgiving and ask Him to transform your heart and mind to be more aligned with an attitude of gratitude.

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