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Tuesday, October 26th - Becoming More Childlike

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably encountered a time or two with your child where their wonder knew no bounds, and their rapid-fire questions about the world around them seemed limitless. “Why?” or “What is that?” becomes a regular part of their vocabulary as they explore and learn. Although this childlike curiosity may have driven you bonkers at one time or another, it’s a really great example of what having faith like a child looks like.

The Bible is filled with so many incredible stories, miracles, and wonders. It’s hard for even the adults to wrap their minds around them sometimes! However, God doesn’t want you to make your own assumptions about the important truths and lessons He leaves for us in that book, or with life in general. He wants you to be inquisitive – to asks questions as you explore and learn His word, and in your day-to-day thinking. He desires for us to know Him more, and that only comes from sitting down with your Father and asking him all of the things that are boggling your mind, and patiently waiting for His answers.

Find some quiet time today, and list the questions that are on your mind – things you may be wondering about or something that you’re having difficulty making a decision on. Present all of your questions to Him in prayer and take heart in knowing He’ll reveal those answers to you in His timing.

Author: Sara Fullerton

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