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Tuesday, October 5th - Becoming More Aware

Week Four, Day Two

Read Luke 22:24-27.

Hours before Jesus was to be crucified, the disciples were thinking about themselves and arguing over who was better and who should be served by whom. When you read this you probably just shook your head at the ridiculousness of their selfish, childlike behavior.

The pull we feel toward ‘more,’ ‘bigger,’ and ‘better’ isn’t a new one. It’s been around since the very beginning. In Genesis 3, the serpent tricked Eve into setting aside God’s instruction in pursuit of what was ‘better.’ Instead of being a simple human, she wanted to be more.

We often try to get ahead in the same way. We want more of what the world has, more of what culture says is valuable, and increased influence in areas of life that puts us in front of the right people. But Jesus demonstrated a different way.

Awareness Prayer – Jesus, humble my heart to serve you as You served.

Reflection Question – Where do you often strive to be better than others?

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