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Tuesday, September 14th - Becoming More Aware

Week One, Day Two

Think about the most beautiful place you’ve ever been. What made it beautiful?

God created a beautiful garden; a home for the first couple. The Bible tells us He made the world but planted the garden. This is the kind of place where God dwells, a place of perfection, holiness, and completeness. Adam and Eve put perfection on the line when they, in seeking to become greater, took the fruit and ate it.

God called down to them and asked them our awareness question for today, “Where are you?”

Are you covered with guilt and shame? Are you hiding yourself in the hope that God won’t notice your absence? Do you attempt to cover your sin with good deeds hoping the good you do will make up for the bad? Where are you?

Let’s pray this awareness prayer together today: Father, make me spiritually aware of where I am in You.

Reflection Question: Are you in the fullness of a relationship with Him or hiding in guilt and shame?

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