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Tuesday, September 21st - Becoming More Aware

Week One, Day Two

Read Mark 6:30-44 and Mark 8:1-13.

For just a moment, imagine being one of the disciples during these two miracles. One minute your stomach is growling and the next minute bread and fish are being multiplied in your hands and you are collecting leftovers!

Now read Mark 8:14-21 and keep in mind this happened just after the disciples witnessed the miraculous feeding of 4,000 people. Jesus was trying to teach them a spiritual lesson (watch out for the evil way in which the Pharisees think), and all they could focus on was the fact that they didn’t bring any bread. Jesus often tries to get us to focus on the spiritual problems when all we can focus on are our physical problems.

Awareness prayer – Jesus, help me grow physically and spiritually.

Reflection Question – How is God meeting your physical needs right now? How might that be an opportunity for you to grow spiritually as well?

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