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Wednesday, April 14th - Becoming More Virtuous

Ah! Don’t you long for that to be said of you? What if others said their confidence grew when you were around? What if you brought good, not harm all the days of your life - even the days that are long, that try your patience, and that wear you out before you down your second cup of coffee. Is that kind of life even possible or is this just an unrealistic dream?

The world tells us we are successful when we prove our value to others. Proverbs tells us we are successful when we add value to others and seek to elevate them. We discover our true value when we add value to others. As we seek to make more of others, we become more ourselves. It’s counter cultural and counter intuitive, but that’s the upside-down world of living out the gospel. Want more joy in your life? Help others find joy in their lives. Want to be accepted? Accept others right where they are. Do you desire to be appreciated? Appreciate others. Whatever you desire for yourself, begin to do for others, and you will find fulfillment and joy in the midst of selflessness and generosity.

How is God prompting you to add value to others today?

Author: Anne Bosarge

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