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Wednesday, April 7th - Becoming More Alive

What is something you feel like you have control over? What is something you feel like you have no control over? Want to know a secret? Whether we feel like we have control or we don’t, the reality is… we really don’t. Control is a beautiful illusion we create for ourselves as we pretend we have the ability to determine the trajectory of our days, weeks, months, years, and lives. That may sound a bit harsh, but trust me, I love to feel like I have control over everything too. It’s something I really struggle with. And it’s also something that keeps me from fully living into surrendering and trusting God.

This illusion of control holds us back from a life of surrender and trust in God. As much as we may wish this wasn’t the case, we weren’t created to know everything. That’s God’s role. And when we try and pick it up and take on that responsibility, we are robbing ourselves of the intimacy of trusting God. And since we don’t know everything, it’s impossible for us to always take the next right step without fully surrendering to God and trusting Him to guide us and lead us.

Even though it may be scary, try to take small steps towards surrendering your decisions and trust God to lead you today. Start with the smallest of decisions. The more we trust God in the small things, the easier it’ll be to surrender and trust Him with the big things.

How is God calling you from control into surrender & trust? We'd love for you to share with us in the comments below.

Author: Gracie Martin

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