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Wednesday, February 10th - Becoming More Grounded

Submit to Him

We all battle against the pull to do what is right and the pull of the world and our flesh to do what pleases us. No one is immune to temptation, but how we handle it makes all the difference. In James 4, we read the way to resist the Devil isn’t through our own strength, but through humbling ourselves and submitting to God. We will never be strong enough on our own to resist the arrows and darts our enemy throws at us, but in God’s presence, with His protection, we find the strength to defeat temptation.

-As you read the story of the bear cub, what thoughts came to mind?

-What is the most difficult part of submitting yourself to His strength?

-Who do you have in your life to hold you accountable for submitting to Him in times of temptation?

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