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Wednesday, October 13th - Becoming More Aware

Week Five, Day Three

Read Numbers 22:4-12.

Balaam was a respected prophet of God. He knew God would not allow him to curse the Israelites. Instead of sending the men on their way and refusing to take their money, Balaam allowed them to come in and stay for a night while he tried to persuade God to let him go with them. Balaam opened the door to sin, thinking he would be smart enough to persuade God to allow him to profit from their wealth.

Read Numbers 22:13-20.

Even though God said no, Balaam tried a second time to persuade God to allow him to go with the men. God finally relented, not because He wanted Balaam to curse His people, but because He wanted to teach Balaam a lesson.

To hear what happens on Balaam’s visit to Balak, read Numbers 22-24. Instead of cursing the Israelites, Balaam ends up blessing them seven times!

While Balaam didn’t end up completely defying God and cursing the nation of Israel, he did disobey God in opening the door to sin in his life. Where are you, like Balaam, opening the door to sinful influences in your life?

Awareness Prayer – God, help me become more aware of how my relationships influence my faith.

Reflection Question – What relationships tempt you away from your relationship with God instead of moving you toward a deeper relationship with God?

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