a community of women becoming more like Jesus for the sake of others

Welcome to Becoming More!  We are a community of women on the path to becoming more like Jesus for the sake of others.  We are on this journey together, leaning into the sanctifying work of Christ in our lives as we seek to imitate His example and reflect the Father to a lost and dying world.   We realize we are always on this journey, opening ourselves up to the difficult work of confessing where we get it wrong, realigning ourselves to His will, and leaning into this group of girlfriends who support us and

walk alongside us, holding us accountable.  


Think you don't have what it takes to lead a group?  Think again!  All it takes is a willingness to say yes! Grab a group of friends and use our small group guides to help you become more. 

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We know that becoming more like Jesus requires consistent effort.  If you, like us, need daily challenges to help you on the journey, sign up below to receive daily posts directly to your inbox.  Prefer to connect on Facebook?  Click the link to join us on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. 

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Link up with us on Facebook or YouTube and join the community for daily posts and encouragements.  Another way to join in is with our online events! Click here to see past events or contact us to bring the team to your event! 

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Here at Becoming More we have these five core values that remind us who we are and why we do what we do. We strive to be women who are becoming more bold, courageous, relentless, deliberate, and passionate.

Being part of this virtual small group in a crazy time in our world was a refuge. When the news was screaming hate, violence, and racism, Becoming More was where I would run for guidance, love, and acceptance. It's been a place I could truly connect with sisters in Christ and am becoming more of the person that God created me to be. Thanks for being that cool glass of water on a sweltering hot day. The Lord and His Word will always quench my thirst.

- Laura

While serving in women's ministry at The Chapel's campuses in Brunswick and Rincon, these women discovered each other and their love for helping women become more like Christ for the sake of others.Click below to let us know how we can help you in your journey of becoming!